Meet Alli

Benefitting From a One-on-One Approach to Learning

Figuring out your next step after high school can be tough. Do you enter the workforce right away? What about a four-year university? Or maybe courses at a local community college would be a better fit?  For Alli, enrolling at New River Community College turned out to be the perfect choice.  She received hands-on guidance that ultimately helped her receive her associates degree in Early Childhood Education.

“When I started to think about my career, it just made sense for me to get into early childhood development. I have always loved working with children,” she said. “One day, they’re going to be super important in our world. Nurturing them now is going to help make them prepared for the future.”

Alli had years of experience working with children at her church’s nursery room, which was one of the reasons she decided to pursue early childhood education as opposed to teaching at a middle or high school.

“The infant and toddler course was one of my favorite classes,” she said. “It helped me figure out where I wanted to be in my career – it’s my favorite age of development. There are so many new skills children learn at this age.”

For Alli, one of the biggest benefits of the Early Childhood Program offered at New River was the regular one-on-one interaction she had with her teachers and advisors, something that she felt she couldn’t get at a four-year institution.

“My teachers and advisors helped me out, and they helped to keep my on the path towards my goals,” she said. “I had scheduled weekly meetings with my advisors, and I’d write down questions during the week and bring them into our meeting. My advisor would comfort me when I was stressed and helped me prioritize my workload. She really helped me out.”

Alli plans on working in a preschool or Christian-based school, and ultimately go back to get her bachelor’s degree and licensure.