Meet Sophia

Not Even Cancer Can Hold Her Back

Sophia is dedicated to the field of early childhood education and there is nothing, not even stage four cancer, that will prevent her from following her dream.

Sophia’s experience in child care started in Maryland, where she worked in an in-home daycare center. Every day was better than the day before, and when she moved to Virginia, she made sure to find another job in the field. She started work with a new daycare center, and when someone from Patrick Henry Community College dropped off information about the early childhood education program, Sophia saw her opportunity to further her dream.

“I was working and battling cancer, but I never let that interfere with my studies,” she said. “Rachel and I decided to enroll in the program. I want to open my own daycare and I want it to be equipped for special needs children. I want to be able to offer every child – disability or not – a good education.”

Sophia has earned two career studies certificates and she’ll begin coursework for her associate degree in Early Childhood Education this summer. Given her future goal of working with children with exceptionalities, it’s no surprise that the exceptionalities course was one of her favorites.

“The fact that you have the ability, as a teacher, to help a child in crisis or need, and the love that you give to them and they give to you, it’s a wonderful thing.”

Sophia’s positivity is contagious, and from the sounds of it, her faculty advisors are also known to radiate optimism.

“All I have to do is call and they give me an encouraging word. They made you feel like you could do it no matter what,” she said.